Microphones: Of macro importance!

Mic photo audio technica.JPG

Now that we’ve ventured into the world of podcasting, Pip and I have had a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to sound recording. It feels like every day we’re learning new words and tech jargon, and discovering the importance of things we previously had little or no idea about…

The choice of equipment is obviously among the most important aspects of creating a podcast. Pip and I want to record as much of The Amelia Project as possible in a proper studio. But we also need to be able to record at home when it comes to stuff like credits and outros.

Here’s a little insight into what we’re currently using, stuff which we are pretty happy about, at least for now, as well as some stuff we’ve been recommended by others:

Pip uses the Shure MV5 which plugs directly into a computer or phone and which he’s pretty happy with. Super small and light.

I just bought a barely used Audio Technica 2020. I’ve already recorded some of Joey and Salvatore’s lines on it, and it seems pretty decent.

The other mic we’ve just invested in and which we’re super excited about is the Zoom H1. Not a USB mic, it records onto an SD card and uses batteries. Apparently you can get pretty decent audio on the go with it. Pip’ll be taking it to Austin and to Oslo to record our readings etc.

A lot of remote actors use the Blue Yeti. Audio is probably a teeny bit better than the Shure MV5, but it's big and heavy.

For a further summary of good podcasting mics have a look at this list from The Podcast Host.

Good luck with your podcasting adventures!

- Øystein