Inspiration for Zale Indigo Ravenheart

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In episode two, Zale Indigo Ravenheart, Archpriest of The Apostles of Antithon, barges into the Amelia office. Inspiration for this zany character was drawn from many places. The absurdity of the Heaven's Gate tragedy was an obvious, if tragic, reference point, but to create the cult of Antithon we also drew inspiration elsewhere.

The idea of a counter-planet comes from the Pythagorean philosopher Philolaus, who called this planet "Antichton". We simplified it to Antithon to make it possible for our actors to pronounce... You try saying "Antichton" ten times fast! Or in the middle of a sentence, rambling on about visions and revelations... That could throw even the most versatile voice actor off!

Although the counter-earth wasn't Pythagoras' idea, there's a lot of mileage to get out of him as well. Whilst undoubtedly a talented mathematician, Pythagoras also came up with a number of other teachings that tip over into the mystical, inexplicable and absurd, at least when seen with modern eyes. A number of Pythagorean quotes and ideas formed the basis of our extra material. If you sign up as a $5 patron on, you get access to Zale Indigo Ravenheart's case file, containing a brochure about the Apostles of Antithon and a work sheet from the congregation's educational program, both parodying the absurd teachings of Pythagoras. We hope there are some good laughs in there!

In our research we also came across A Dweller on Two Planets by Frederick S. Oliver from 1886, which the author claims is a true account of the actual past of the true author, called "Phylos The Thibetan". (Phylos - Philolaus? Similar? ) Oliver claims that the book had been channeled through him via visions and automatic writing. The story takes place in Atlantis, as well as an out of body journey to 19th century America, and describes a number of technical apparatuses that didn't exist when the book was written: Wireless telephones, the TV, atomic telescopes and voice operated typewriters, to mention some... Uncanny?

- Oystein

Øystein Ulsberg Brager