So what are these mysterious case files I keep hearing about?


If you follow The Amelia Project on social media, you might have noticed that each time we publish a new episode, we also promote this thing we call a "case file". But what is it exactly?

Well, let's start from the beginning...
The Amelia Project is as a podcast, which means you can listen to it for free on iTunes and other podcast players. So far our episodes have been downloaded nearly 10.000 times. Yay!

Faking deaths
Each episode introduces a new character who needs to disappear. Elizabeth Barlow wants revenge, Zale Indigo Ravenheart needs to escape, Nathaniel McBride wants to blow the whistle. In the episode we hear the interview where the Interviewer decides whether or not to take on their case. We learn what predicament they've gotten themselves into, and find out which custom made fake death The Amelia Project has in store for them.

But how does it turn out?!
Although each episode ends with a satisfactory conclusion, listeners might also be curious what happens next... You might want to know how the actual disappearance pans out! Well, fear not: There's a way to find out... The case files!

Minutes from the disappearances
Our main character, the Interviewer, types up the minutes from each disappearance on his typewriter. In the very moment when each spectacular fake death is executed, he writes down how it... all goes wrong!

Short stories...
In the case file, you can find these minutes. They are basically short stories continuing the story from each episode. You will also find photos, illustrations and other treats that let you know more about each character.

...and much more!
You might be curious to read Elizabeth Barlows CV?
Or explore a brochure from the Apostles of Antithon?

In Nathaniel's case file there's a whole puzzle book with puzzles for you to solve! Can you crack the coded messages that Nathaniel left for The Amelia Project?

So how can I get my hands on these case files? They sound awesome!
Easy! The case files are available in our web shop to be purchased individually for $10 a piece.

Or even better: Become a patron of the show on! For a monthly donation of $5 or more you get access to all of the case files as well episode scripts and other treats!

Why does it cost money?
The case files are one of the ways we try to finance The Amelia Project. Actors, recording studios, sound design... none of it is free. To be able to keep making the show, we need your support. If you buy a case file or sign up on Patreon, you don't just help us out, you also get something back!

Øystein Ulsberg Brager