We're on Patreon

Though supporting shows like The Bright Sessions and Uncanny County we have discovered what a great platform Patreon is for maintaining a fan base and communicating with your most dedicated followers. Not to mention being able to give them little treats that no one else gets!

I love when I get an email from Patreon telling me that there's a new post out from Lauren Shippen with a new Bright Sessions playlist or a Q&A.

Pip showed me the Uncanny County Deputy Sheriff Diploma that he got as a treat for signing up as a Patron. It's so cool! 

We want to be able to reward our fans in similar ways (and we have so many great plans for stuff we want to give you!), so we've now set up a Patreon account of our own: Click here to have a look.

If you are not on Patreon already supporting your favorite shows, we hope you'll sign up soon. A lot of awesome audio dramas are on Patreon, and I know they all really appreciate the love and support that their Patrons offer, both in the form of donations, but just as much in the form of engaging with the show, giving feedback and being an active member of their community.

- Oystein

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Øystein Ulsberg Brager