Artists in Season One

Check out the artists who worked on Season One. For other seasons, core team members, and actors who appear in multiple seasons, click here.

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Thanks to:

Open House Theatre - co-producers on season 1

Bunbury Banter Theatre Company - initial consultants

Tom Rory Parsons - additional editing and music

Christine Thorne - additional voice work

Benjamin Noble - sound recording

Brian Montgomery - podcast platform consultant

Leeanne Stoddart

NSI Lydproduksjon

Elisabeth Borgen Wettre - sound technician

Battlebird Productions

Hedley Knights - sound technician

Girl In Space

Alba Salix

Love & Luck


Dominic Hargreaves - recording assistance

Brad Fehr - sound technician

Fife College for recording studio

Austin Beach and Audioblivious Productions for crowd sounds

Nordic Black Theatre / Cafeteatret for hosting our launch party for inspiration

Tarjei Westbye, Synnøve Fossum Eriksen and Stig Krogstad for script consultancy

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