Sponsors and funders

We are eternally grateful to all sponsors, backers and funders. We could not have done this without you. Thanks!

Do you want to sponsor The Amelia Project?

Is your company interested in advertising on the show? We offer personalized promo spots during at the beginning of the episode or during the credits. Please contact us for more information!

Private donations

You can also donate as a private person via PayPal or sign up as a patron on Patreon.com. Click here for more info on how to support us.

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Bragergitar.no is sponsoring us with one of the most awesome gifts we've ever been given: A custom made Amelia Project electrical guitar! Built by Bent Brager and designed by our very own graphic designer Anders Pedersen. Check out bragergitar.no to see other guitar designs.


Leeanne Stoddart

Leeanne Stoddart donated several copies of her poetry collection Unrealistic Expectations for our fundraiser gift box at Imploding Fictions' 10 Year Anniversary, which included The Amelia Project Launch Party. Leeanne is a writer, poet, spoken word artist and blogger.

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Fond for Lyd og Bilde

The Norwegian Audio and Visual Fund has awarded The Amelia Project with funds towards the composition and production of music for the series.

The Norwegian Audio and Visual Fund administers funds to promote and disseminate recorded sound and film. The funds are distributed in the best interest of rights holders and as a compensation for the legal reproduction of works within the music, stage and film sectors. Arts Council Norway functions as the secretariat for The Audio and Visual Fund. 


Nordic Black Theatre

We are grateful to be able to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Imploding Fictions at the beautiful venue Cafeteatret in Oslo on the 2nd December 2017. Our anniversary celebrations double as a launch party for The Amelia Project. Cafeteatret is owned and run by Nordic Black Theatre. Nordic Black Theatre is a self-run theatre foundation established in 1992.  The core activity is theatre production, but they work with a wide spectrum of partners in a variety of creative arts.  They also work with developing young multicultural actors via their theatre school Nordic Black Xpress (NBX).

Akershus Teater & ungTEKSTakershus

Akershus Teater donated several copies of the ungTEKSTakershus 2017 play anthology for our fundraiser gift box at The Amelia Project Launch Party and co-hosted the writing workshop with Darren Lerigo at Imploding Fictions' 10 Year Anniversary. Akershus Teater is a Norwegian regional touring theatre with a special focus on theatre for young audiences. ungTEKSTakerhus is Akershus Teater's talent development program for young writers.

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Charlie Storm Messel

Charlie Storm Messel AS is a family owned company specializing in importing in power tools. They are the Norwegian representative of the German company FEIN, and they also have a wide array of other tools in their catalogue.

C.S. Messel provided us with fundraiser goodie bags for our launch party in Oslo. Thank you!


Norsk Skuespillersenter

The Norwegian Actors' Centre has given us free rehearsal space through their scheme "Prøverommet". We will be testing out new text material and developing characters for the podcast winter 2018.

The Norwegian Actors’ Centre is a training centre for professional actors and other film- and theatre makers. We provide workshops, seminars, master classes, networking events and other industry events for actors all over Norway.