Review by The Cambridge Geek
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The Cambridge Geek has written a wonderful review of The Amelia Project. Here are some quotes:

"Each of the clients are entertaining, but it's all hung together around Alan Burgon as the interviewer. He has that bluff, larger than life approach best seen in people like Brian Blessed or Robbie Coltrane, where he throws himself into the silliest of situations with glee. Perhaps best epitomised by his response to a worried customer: "I'm afraid of heights." "Don't be!"."

"The sound work is excellent, though weirdly it's the most accomplished in each episode's brief introduction by the host, which has a lot going on. Far more important though is the theme, which is evocative of Moffat's Sherlock. It sets up the eccentric genius brilliantly, though I suppose in this case it's more likely to be inspired by Moriarty."

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- Oystein