Crazy bananapants

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The Amelia Project has been written about a lot lately! We are - as always - super chuffed that people enjoy what we make and take the time to write about it. We raise a steaming mug of cocoa to you all. Thank you!


In a piece for Podmass, Wil Williams calls The Amelia Project “bizarre, hilarious, and energetic”, and adds that Venerio, episode one of season two, has “a beautiful sense of solemnity”.

You can read the full review of Venerio here.


The week before, the very same Wil Williams named our Sound Design Special Liquified Marzipan among her highlights. She calls us our show “an ambitious and borderline hedonistic venture when it comes to sound”.

If you want to know what else she enjoyed, have a read here.


On the blog Tiny Flowers, Tissa mentions us among her favorite podcasts, along some of our favorites like Victoriocity and The Bright Sessions. We’re super happy to be in such good company! Tissa says about The Amelia Project that “the premise is crazy bananapants, but the episodes are biting, and funny, and great.”

Check out Tissa’s recommendations here.


Ely reckons “the switch in framework, to two detectives reviewing Amelia’s recorded conversations, is a seamless transition”.

Read the full mini review here.

Reviews are great for helping new listeners discover the show, so for that reason alone we are super happy that people take the time to recommend The Amelia Project. Season 2 continues, and we hope you’re enjoying it all!

Love, Oystein and Pip

Øystein Ulsberg Brager